Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pinkberry Pumpkin Review

When I heard Pinkberry was coming out with Pumpkin this month I couldn't wait to try it. I love EVERYTHING Pumpkin. This is not a brand new product as it was hear but in their archives ready to come back. Now I didn't rush to try this flavor right away like I normally would because I was so busy; boy was I'm glad the wait was over.

When I tried my first bite of this creamy desert it was like eating a slice of pumpkin pie but in a frozen treat form. It had pieces of the nutmeg in it, it was light and flavorful at the same time with a pumpkin puree taste likeness. Now Pinkberry suggest you pair your Pumpkin Frozen Yogurt with Cinnamon, Whipped Cream, and Honey Grahams toppings to get the maximum flavor experience. I only got Chocolate Chip toppings and it's just as good. I love this frozen yogurt, the taste and smell opens your senses for this holiday season.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Is Cable a Necessity?

Necessity - something that is necessary, the quality or state of being necessary, something that you must have or do

This topic comes up all the time as I witness the fascination of cable and its amenities it has to offer to the consumer. I used to have cable and I loved it. Over the years it has become a non important thing in my life, the economy took its toll over the years and it was time to budget as much as I can to survive. I had to think about what comes first; food or cable? coats, shoes, and clothing or cable? a roof over my head or cable?

Some things are more important than cable it is a WANT not a need. Cable is pure entertainment at best. Why add another high bill a month for just a couple of channels? there are other alternatives out there like, Vudu, Netflix, and the list goes on. There are a lot of streaming internet programs out there to explore for a reasonable price. You are paying for entertainment as a want NOT a need, you don't need cable to survive.

Even when you pay for basic cable I can guarantee you, you are not watching every single channel they have to offer. If you are financially stable and can afford cable as entertainment then that's a different story. But I do just fine with regular TV channels and very content with it, even though I wish one of my favorite shows "The Walking Dead was on regular TV I still manage; I'll just wait til each season comes out on Netflix. I know for a fact when our calling comes to go home, we can't take our material things with us.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Machete Kills Review

Machete Kills is the second installment of Machete, I wanted to see this movie because I saw the first one thinking this one would be better. Boy, was I wrong! the main star of this movie is Danny Trejo as Machete, Michelle Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara, Lady GaGa, Amber Heard, Carlos Estevez aka Charlie Sheen, Mel Gibson and the list goes on.

The movie is about Machete working with the U.S. Government to take down an arms dealer that's plan on launching a missile into space. Sounds like a good plot for a Robert Rodriguez type movie right? WRONG! I was so bored with the storyline, trying so hard jokes and the poor acting I wanted to go to sleep. I tried to laugh at some of the jokes but it bland at best.

The concept was kind of there but fell short in my opinion. I could have bought a latte instead of watching this movie.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gravity Review

I decided to see this movie yesterday after hearing great reviews of it. It's starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, it's about two astronauts trying to survive unfortunate events that took place outer space. Trying to find a way home was impossible in the eyes of these two astronauts. The film took you where they were and their struggles, it was like you are in space with them. It was heart pounding and exciting, the special effects was breathtaking as the camera pans into every inch of detail. You can't help but to feel compassion for Sandra and George's characters.

I was absolutely impress with this movie, this is one of the best Sci-Fi/Thriller films I can remember. It's so good I want to see it again. Two thumbs WAY up!!!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pinkberry Hot Chocolate Review

So Pinkberry came out with a new fall flavor Friday, Hot Chocolate! I was very excited to see the poster of the new flavor coming soon. The Hot Chocolate replaced the Chocolate Hazelnut which is one of my favorites :( so that left a bruised on my heart. But it will be back again, soon! before I buy a fro-yo I get a sample of it first just to see if I like it or not.

The description of the Hot Chocolate at Pinkberry says it has a light, creamy cocoa flavor, with hints of toasted marshmallow. Yeah, it's definitely light but it tasted like, very light fudge like a fudge bar. I didn't get the toasted marshmallow taste though. It didn't pack the full, decadent, rich flavor like a cup of actual hot chocolate but it did it's best to create a light version of it and it's good enough for me to satisfy my sweet tooth until the Chocolate Hazelnut comes back. So next week when I run out of my take home size fro-yo, I'm going to get Hot Chocolate again.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Range Rover Driver Attacked by Bikers in New York


Yesterday an altercation took place in New York City when a driver in a Range Rover hit a biker. The driver's name is Alexian Lien, him and his wife and daughter were driving in between a annual biker's event that took place yesterday. From the video, the biker slowed down in front of the range rover and the driver ended up bumping the biker and all hell broke loose. Moments later the driver ran over a bunch of bikers and speeds off. 30 pissed off bikers go after him. In the end one of the bikers broke the window with his helmet and proceeded to whoop some tail.

The biker was charged though, one biker ended up dying and the driver didn't get charged for running over bikers in the first place. I'm on the bikers side because the driver could have took a different approach when handling certain bikers if that was the case. Supposedly in another article the bikers slashed the man's tires and that's why he speed off.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chicago Murder Capital of the US 2012

Chicago is named "Murder Capital of the US for 2012" over NYC and I'm not surprised. The Federal Bureau of Investigation released this report early this week. The report was based on 500 homicides in major metropolitan areas in 2012, New York only having 419 homicides thus Chicago crimes being the bloodiest in the United States.

The US Census Bureau tally up the population in Chicago at 2.7 million versus New York 8 plus million people. But that doesn't mean anything because we have a higher crime rate and our population is less than NY. I know this year has gotten worse so I think we will make this list again for 2013. I used to live on the west side of Chicago and it was terrible, on the corner there was drugs, prostitution and gang activity, on the other corner a young was shot dead. I live in the west suburbs and a lot of gang activity, and drugs moved to where I live now.

I thought I was away from all the madness the city had inherited but it somehow traveled to the burbs as well. Chicago was once a beautiful city but with all the high unemployment rates, tax increases, more people that can't find jobs, stress and desperate;  unfortunately the crime is going to be higher. I would love to stay here in Illinois the rest of my life but I can't live in a state that is rated the "Murder Capital of US". New York was successful at lowering their homicide rate down and under control, why can't Chicago do the same?


Monday, September 16, 2013

Simple Sugars Lavender Body Scrub Review

I've been wanting to try this product for quite some time now and not because this was on Shark Tank but I did some research on this company, Simple Sugars. I found this product at a stationary store by my house. They had a good selection of body scrubs to choose from. I wanted to try the Rose Body Scrub but they didn't have any left so I decided to buy the Lavender Body Scrub. I'm glad I decided to get the lavender one because it smelled so wonderful and relaxing.

This product left my skin feeling soft and supple, like silk. As soon as I applied the scrub the sugar dissolves into an oil base. I have dry skin and this scrub left my skin moisturized and it had a nice shine to it too. The product comes in a little box with a spoon. When you get the product you'll have to stir it first because the oil seeps to the top. I would highly suggest getting their body scrubs, when I run out of the lavender body scrub I'm going to get more and try different varieties scrubs.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pinkberry Cherry Review

Pinkberry came out with a brand new seasonal flavor for the summer. I'm a little late posting this because I got besides myself for the past few months. Anyway, this flavor has bits of real cherries and it doesn't come with a selected topping. I must say, this is one of my favorite flavors beside the chocolate hazelnut. At first I thought it would be too bitter like some of their past flavors but it has a balance of tart and sweetness but light and refreshing that I just LOVE. If you love cherries I would definitely give this flavor a try.


Pinkberry Butter Pecan Review

Pinkberry came out with a brand new seasonal flavor 2 weeks ago, it's a Butter Pecan frozen yogurt flavor. It comes with candied pecans on the side. I tried the sample yesterday because I've been wanting to try it since it came out. It was a little too sweet for me, it does have that creamy, maple and nutty flavor but it was too sweet; my sample came out almost soft-served like. I'll probably won't get a cup of it because it was a little too sweet for my taste.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dunkin Donuts Apple Cider Review

I was going through the drive-thru the other day and saw that Dunkin Donuts was selling apple cider, hot or iced for a limited time only. I thought I'll give it a try since I haven't have apple cider in a long time and wanted to try dunkin's version. I ordered it iced because it was at least 94 degrees hot today. It's not that bad at all, it has a strong apple flavor taste to it, it reminded me of a certain version of apple juice in the grocery store, I also tasted a little orange flavor, that's probably where the tangy or tart flavor comes from.

I wish they had the apple cider donuts to dunk but they had the pumpkin donuts instead. I haven't had the apple cider hot and probably won't be ordering it again. It's an acquired taste for me, some people may find the apple cider really good but for me it was a little too tart for me.


Friday, September 6, 2013

When Is Texting Too Much?

When is texting too much? I ask that question because I notice that some of my friends constantly like to text me instead of just calling and having a general conversation. Sure texting has it's purposes like; when you are at work and can't talk on the phone, at a mechanic's shop, waiting in line somewhere etc. but to text me where to meet to hang out, asking for detail directions or want to know my entire life; that's more like a phone call type of conversation not text messaging. I feel like some people can't have a interpersonal conversation on the phone or in person anymore.

Now people send break up text, proposal text, ask out on a date text. Personally I think technology is taking away that interpersonal connection that we used to have. I'm more of a in-person type of person rather than the text messaging all the time. If not in person then phone conversation is fine too, I can hear the person's emotion through their voice.

I think texting is too much if you are only communicating through text messaging and I mean the only means of communicating. If you can't pick up the phone once in a while and speak to someone then you may have a problem. Remember, we didn't have text messaging in the '90s or early 2000s so people actually spoke to each other face-to-face or on the telephone to communicate. We need to have that interpersonal connection back again.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Graphic of the Day

This is something I put together for a friend not too long ago. The image of the Hyena is from the internet, I apply some filters, the flare tool, some shapes and used some different backgrounds to bring the photo together. I used Adobe Photoshop and mostly Illustrator.


Most Corrupt States

I was watching the news this morning and they had a list of "Most Corrupt States" and I was a little shock that Illinois made 16th on the list. I've live Illinois all of my life and I believe it should have been at least number 1 or 2 on the list. With all the high crimes that are committed everyday, crooked politicians, crook cops, tax hikes for unknown reasons; we should have been close to number 1. Sure some people can disagree with me on this because of numerous reasons but I've lived here all my life and seen and heard terrible things that took place in Illinois so it's my strongest opinion and a lot of Illinois residents will agree with me.

So this list consist of a number of convictions per population within the 50 states listed and came to a conclusion that Louisiana was ranked number 1 for the most corrupted state. Again I still think Illinois should have been ranked number 1 but that's just my opinion. My question is why just base it off of convictions per population? why not count everything else as a whole like crime, politics etc.? maybe I'm not seeing the bigger picture.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Trust, Honest and Truth

I wrote a similar post about this topic a while back and it still hold truth til this day. But could being too honest be harmful then good? sometimes I ask myself that only because I've been honest my whole life, sometimes it's really good and refreshing to others then sometimes they can't handle my too honest approach. In the past, I've been too honest about a situation or situations that had happened in my life but it ended up biting me in the butt because certain people that I thought I could trust would throw it in my face.

There were other times that I was too honest and most people love it. All in all, I expect others that I know to be honest with me even if it may hurt. But lately I've come across some people that are not honest or truthful at all and I have a problem with that. When you are not being truthful or honest, to me that comes off deceitful and I can't trust what comes out of your mouth as truthful. They want to feed you these lies so it'll make me feel better and also shut me up but little do they know it'll make it worse because I can't trust you now.

It takes me a while to trust someone because I've been lied to, cheated on and gotten stab in the back by people I cared about. So with that being said, I have a hard time trusting people. They say, "Trust is earned" I believe it 110%. A good friend of mine recently told me, "You have to guard your heart" meaning you have to guard it from people that would try to stomp on it without a care. I have a lot of heart to give and maybe that's my problem, it keeps getting stepped on by the wrong people that don't deserve my heart. "Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it" - Proverbs 4:23. I believe this scripture from the bible because it holds true to everything.

Even though sometimes my honesty can hurt people, I'm still going to be completely honest no matter what because honesty is the BEST policy and I'm not going to change a good trait. Later in life more people would eventually prefer the trust, honest and truth.

Bible - New International Version

Monday, January 14, 2013

CTA Fare Hike

I typically don't ride the train or bus often but once in a blue moon I take it and I know how expensive it is just to ride downtown for half the day. I know people that take the train or bus everyday because that's their only means of transportation to get to work. I have no choice but to drive to work since there is no route from my house to get there. Now I'm glad I drive to work because they are increasing prices to take the train or bus. CTA riders will have to spend a hefty penny to ride, starting today!

A day pass cost $10 instead of $5.75, 3 day pass cost $20 instead of $14, weekly passes cost $28 instead of $23 and 1 month passes cost a whopping $100 instead of $86 that was originally priced. Blue line riders that are traveling from the O'Hare International Airport will have to pay the one-way fare price of $5 instead of the $2.25. The fare hike will generate about $65 million in revenue. Illinois is already raised prices at the Toll booths, parking meters, red light enforcer, license plate stickers, sales taxes to name a few.

It's getting too expensive to live here and not to mention the crime rate here is horrible. I'm waiting for my time to get out of Illinois, it's getting outrageous with the prices, high unemployment rate and the crime. It's not worth living here anymore.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Taft High School Shooting

A shooting took place at Taft Union High School in Taft, California at around 9am today. A 16 year old male student armed with a shotgun walked into class shot one student, fire at another and missed. The student that was shot is in critical but stable condition. This all took place in the science building on the other side of the campus. The interesting part about this story is that the gunman had a specific target or targets. A teacher and a staff member convince the gunman to put the gun down, he told the teacher he didn't want to shoot them but named the person he wanted to shoot.

As I suspected, the 16 year old gunman was bullied so maybe he snapped. Many people that know the gunman said he was teased a lot by many because of his stature, even the victim teased the gunman at one point. Nobody knows where he got the shotgun but it reminded me of what happened in my high school ages ago. A young man was being bullied a lot at my school, he was very quiet, smart and tended to himself. He used to walk home by himself everyday, I felt so bad for him. One day I heard the police searched his locker because someone overheard that he was going to shoot up the auditorium where the school dance was going to take place at.

Well unfortunately they found a shotgun in his locker, I don't know what happen after that or to the young man but it was so surreal. I couldn't believe that could happen in my school or anywhere else. I'm glad that no one was killed and the police got the gunman.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Pinkberry Gingerbread Frozen Yogurt Review

I know I'm a little too late on reviewing this flavor but it will be leaving soon. When I first sampled this frozen yogurt I was like, hmmm! I wasn't sure I liked it or not. So I got a cup of it, the flavor was sweet with a little hint of spice. But it tasted like it was a little too sweet and spicy, maybe too heavy on the combination. They had a sale on the Gingerbread frozen yogurt, buy a take home of the Gingerbread for $5 bucks versus the $11.50 they normally charge. That's a good deal but I couldn't handle the flavor to buy the deal. My boyfriend ended up getting half Gingerbread and half of another flavor, I tried it again and I was coughing a lot after eating it. Strange!

All in all, I wouldn't try this flavor again but if you are a big fan of Gingerbread then I would recommend this.



There are numerous stereotypes based on age, gender, race etc. The reason why I'm writing about this type of topic is because something was said, well, something was said a few times to me regarding my race. I'm going to tell a little of my background, I grew up in the inner city where there was drugs, gangs and prostitution down the street from my house. I even went to a really bad high school, they had mental detectors there everyday. The gang members would go into random classes and sit and the teachers would be too scared to say anything.

So I grew up the opposite of a lot of my friends, I would say that I spoke with articulation, I was reserved and quiet. A lot of my friends were loud, rude, ignorant and always wanting to start some trouble. Some of my friends would talk slang that I wouldn't understand. Even being around people with different cultures never made me think of them as those stereotypes. I actually like being around people of different cultural backgrounds because I can learn from them, learn their language, food and heritage.

I was always accepting of people because I always wanted to be accepted by society. Long story short, I was at work and I was asking a co-worker (A) a question, "hey are you okay?" I asked that because he was extra silly today. The other co-worker (B) jumped in and said, "he is crunk" I asked, "what is crunk?" he said, "are you serious?" of course I said, "yes I'm serious". This co-worker (B) said, "I'm not telling you, you have to be on the cool people's list" I ask, can you give me a hint?" he proceed to add me to the IM chat with another co-worker (C) that tends to joke around a little too much. (sorry about the letters I can't display real people's names).

Co-worker (B) told co-worker (C) that I didn't know what the word means, and co-worker (C) ask me, "are you sure you are black?" it struck a nerve with me because he assumed I supposed to know what that word means because quote, I'm black! I didn't know I supposed to know every slang word in the universe because the color of my skin, how naive of me. This isn't the first time this happened, I was called "white" by a so called friend of mine because I had some articulation in my conversation with him.

Also another so called friend was really shocked because I didn't speak slang or Ebonics. He assumed that since I grew up in the inner city I supposed to be ghetto and talk slang all the time. It's already hard enough to make a living in this economy let alone being judged on the color of my skin and be put into this huge stereotype.

Sure stereotype will probably never go away but come on, don't expect people to be the same, there are no two people that are exactly the same.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Collection Review

I seen this movie not too long ago because I have "The Collector" on DVD and I loved it. The first movie left me wanting more because it didn't really end. So when I saw the preview for this movie I had to go see it. This movie left off when the main character (Arkin) played by Josh Stewart got kidnapped by The Collector played by Randall Archer in the first movie in 2009.

Arkin was able to escape from the crazy mastermind killer during a rave party and was finally going to live a normal life until he was blackmailed into saving a wealthy father's daughter (Alena) played by Emma Fitzpatrick from the killer's booby-trapped warehouse.

This movie have some crazy scenes with torture and ways the booby-trap finishes people. I won't add any spoiler alerts here because I don't want to ruin it for people that didn't see the movie. Go see this movie if you like movies that are similar to the Saw movies, horror, and sadistic movies. I'm getting this movie on DVD when it comes out to add to my collection.