Friday, November 1, 2013

Is Cable a Necessity?

Necessity - something that is necessary, the quality or state of being necessary, something that you must have or do

This topic comes up all the time as I witness the fascination of cable and its amenities it has to offer to the consumer. I used to have cable and I loved it. Over the years it has become a non important thing in my life, the economy took its toll over the years and it was time to budget as much as I can to survive. I had to think about what comes first; food or cable? coats, shoes, and clothing or cable? a roof over my head or cable?

Some things are more important than cable it is a WANT not a need. Cable is pure entertainment at best. Why add another high bill a month for just a couple of channels? there are other alternatives out there like, Vudu, Netflix, and the list goes on. There are a lot of streaming internet programs out there to explore for a reasonable price. You are paying for entertainment as a want NOT a need, you don't need cable to survive.

Even when you pay for basic cable I can guarantee you, you are not watching every single channel they have to offer. If you are financially stable and can afford cable as entertainment then that's a different story. But I do just fine with regular TV channels and very content with it, even though I wish one of my favorite shows "The Walking Dead was on regular TV I still manage; I'll just wait til each season comes out on Netflix. I know for a fact when our calling comes to go home, we can't take our material things with us.


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