Thursday, January 10, 2013

Taft High School Shooting

A shooting took place at Taft Union High School in Taft, California at around 9am today. A 16 year old male student armed with a shotgun walked into class shot one student, fire at another and missed. The student that was shot is in critical but stable condition. This all took place in the science building on the other side of the campus. The interesting part about this story is that the gunman had a specific target or targets. A teacher and a staff member convince the gunman to put the gun down, he told the teacher he didn't want to shoot them but named the person he wanted to shoot.

As I suspected, the 16 year old gunman was bullied so maybe he snapped. Many people that know the gunman said he was teased a lot by many because of his stature, even the victim teased the gunman at one point. Nobody knows where he got the shotgun but it reminded me of what happened in my high school ages ago. A young man was being bullied a lot at my school, he was very quiet, smart and tended to himself. He used to walk home by himself everyday, I felt so bad for him. One day I heard the police searched his locker because someone overheard that he was going to shoot up the auditorium where the school dance was going to take place at.

Well unfortunately they found a shotgun in his locker, I don't know what happen after that or to the young man but it was so surreal. I couldn't believe that could happen in my school or anywhere else. I'm glad that no one was killed and the police got the gunman.


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