Monday, January 14, 2013

CTA Fare Hike

I typically don't ride the train or bus often but once in a blue moon I take it and I know how expensive it is just to ride downtown for half the day. I know people that take the train or bus everyday because that's their only means of transportation to get to work. I have no choice but to drive to work since there is no route from my house to get there. Now I'm glad I drive to work because they are increasing prices to take the train or bus. CTA riders will have to spend a hefty penny to ride, starting today!

A day pass cost $10 instead of $5.75, 3 day pass cost $20 instead of $14, weekly passes cost $28 instead of $23 and 1 month passes cost a whopping $100 instead of $86 that was originally priced. Blue line riders that are traveling from the O'Hare International Airport will have to pay the one-way fare price of $5 instead of the $2.25. The fare hike will generate about $65 million in revenue. Illinois is already raised prices at the Toll booths, parking meters, red light enforcer, license plate stickers, sales taxes to name a few.

It's getting too expensive to live here and not to mention the crime rate here is horrible. I'm waiting for my time to get out of Illinois, it's getting outrageous with the prices, high unemployment rate and the crime. It's not worth living here anymore.


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