Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chicago Murder Capital of the US 2012

Chicago is named "Murder Capital of the US for 2012" over NYC and I'm not surprised. The Federal Bureau of Investigation released this report early this week. The report was based on 500 homicides in major metropolitan areas in 2012, New York only having 419 homicides thus Chicago crimes being the bloodiest in the United States.

The US Census Bureau tally up the population in Chicago at 2.7 million versus New York 8 plus million people. But that doesn't mean anything because we have a higher crime rate and our population is less than NY. I know this year has gotten worse so I think we will make this list again for 2013. I used to live on the west side of Chicago and it was terrible, on the corner there was drugs, prostitution and gang activity, on the other corner a young was shot dead. I live in the west suburbs and a lot of gang activity, and drugs moved to where I live now.

I thought I was away from all the madness the city had inherited but it somehow traveled to the burbs as well. Chicago was once a beautiful city but with all the high unemployment rates, tax increases, more people that can't find jobs, stress and desperate;  unfortunately the crime is going to be higher. I would love to stay here in Illinois the rest of my life but I can't live in a state that is rated the "Murder Capital of US". New York was successful at lowering their homicide rate down and under control, why can't Chicago do the same?


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