Monday, September 16, 2013

Simple Sugars Lavender Body Scrub Review

I've been wanting to try this product for quite some time now and not because this was on Shark Tank but I did some research on this company, Simple Sugars. I found this product at a stationary store by my house. They had a good selection of body scrubs to choose from. I wanted to try the Rose Body Scrub but they didn't have any left so I decided to buy the Lavender Body Scrub. I'm glad I decided to get the lavender one because it smelled so wonderful and relaxing.

This product left my skin feeling soft and supple, like silk. As soon as I applied the scrub the sugar dissolves into an oil base. I have dry skin and this scrub left my skin moisturized and it had a nice shine to it too. The product comes in a little box with a spoon. When you get the product you'll have to stir it first because the oil seeps to the top. I would highly suggest getting their body scrubs, when I run out of the lavender body scrub I'm going to get more and try different varieties scrubs.


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