Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chocolate Hazelnut Review

Pinkberry yet again came out with another flavor, chocolate hazelnut frozen yogurt. It has decadent chocolate with hazelnut pieces mixed in for a sinful flavor. It's not too light or too heavy on taste, it also doesn't have a aftertaste like some flavors. You can taste the hazelnut pieces in the yogurt, I was very impress with Pinkberry, it didn't taste like yogurt either it tasted more like ice cream, which I love. You can get it as is in the picture with; roasted hazelnut pieces, crushed hazelnut wafer rolls and chocolate sauce.

The only thing is, Pinkberry took out the regular chocolate flavor so if you are expecting to get the regular chocolate frozen yogurt it's not going to be there. I had mine mixed with the strawberry frozen yogurt with granola, fresh strawberries, pineapples and Oreo bits. Next time I'll try the defaulted toppings that's in the picture, but if you love hazelnut plus chocolate this is a must try. My absolute favorite.


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