Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Man with the Iron Fists Review

When I saw the trailer for this movie I had to see it. This movie has a Quentin Tarantino spin on it but was directed by RZA from the Wu Tang Clan and written RZA and Eli Roth. The plot of the movie is a hunt to retrieve a treasure of gold. All the bad guys want their hands on this precious gold like the Golden warriors, assassins, the Gemini twins. It all started when a young man's father a Lion Clan Leader was murdered by the hands of a traitor. The young man Zen Yi - The X-Blade (Rick Yune) spark by vengeance runs into a blacksmith aka Blacksmith (RZA) which was forced to join forces with The X-Blade due to a unfortunately accident caused by the clan in which the Blacksmith making his arms into lethal weapons.

Jack Knife (Russell Crowe) a British solder joined them too, he helped in making those arms lethal weapons. The clan; Bronze Lion (Cung Le), Silver Lion (Byron Mann), Gold Lion, Copper Lion there was a lot of lions... haha! Poison Dagger (Daniel Wu). I can't forget about one of my wrestlers Brass Body (Dave Bautista) he did his thing in the movie as the powerhouse. A lot of the fighting took place in the brothel house ran by (Madame Blossom) Lucy Lu. The thing I want to point out that was funny to me, well a lot of things was funny to me about this movie was the fact that the clan loved their hair. Their hair was well done with a lot of volume, color and curl. Poison Dagger hair was all white with white eyebrows, he kept touching his eyebrow with his pinky finger that had a pointy jewel on it.

I liked the fighting scenes of course because it was bloody, crazy and funny. I can't say I liked RZA's acting, he's not a actor per se. It was so much crazy fighting with people flying in the air and doing some cool tricks with their weapons and blood shed all over the place. Bautista's character was a bad, motha trucka!!! Lucy Lu's character was really good too. Everyone that was fighting did a good job using their fighting abilities. Don't see this movie if you don't like violence, weird/crazy sense of humor or Quentin Tarantino style movies, it has his influences all over this movie. Also this movie story-line was a little different, not a typical good story. The acting was a little cheesy as well.