Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pinkberry Hot Chocolate Review

So Pinkberry came out with a new fall flavor Friday, Hot Chocolate! I was very excited to see the poster of the new flavor coming soon. The Hot Chocolate replaced the Chocolate Hazelnut which is one of my favorites :( so that left a bruised on my heart. But it will be back again, soon! before I buy a fro-yo I get a sample of it first just to see if I like it or not.

The description of the Hot Chocolate at Pinkberry says it has a light, creamy cocoa flavor, with hints of toasted marshmallow. Yeah, it's definitely light but it tasted like, very light fudge like a fudge bar. I didn't get the toasted marshmallow taste though. It didn't pack the full, decadent, rich flavor like a cup of actual hot chocolate but it did it's best to create a light version of it and it's good enough for me to satisfy my sweet tooth until the Chocolate Hazelnut comes back. So next week when I run out of my take home size fro-yo, I'm going to get Hot Chocolate again.

Images: https://www.pinkberry.com/frozen-yogurt/seasonal/hot-chocolate

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