Friday, June 8, 2012

What's your preference? Myspace or Facebook?

This is just a curiosity, which one do you like better Myspace or Facebook?

I happened to have both Myspace and Facebook accounts and there are pros and cons to both. I signed up to Myspace in 2005 while attending college and all my classmates had a Myspace account. So I joined the Myspace bandwagon. The pros was you can customize your page with cool backgrounds and effects, also you can add your favorite videos or images anywhere on your page, not to mention music artists and playlist of songs of your choice.

It was also easier to add random people for the heck of it without jumping thru hurdles because you don't know them. With that being said, there are cons to having a Myspace account. The cons would be that you'll get spam friend requests or inbox messages frequently. I would get a lot of weird friend request from guys looking for a good time. creepy!!!

Also, there's the too much freedom of sexuality. What I mean by this is that you can get away with posting nudity or close to nothing pictures on your page without penalty. Things are more LEWD...and not to mention the profanity is so bad. There is no shame what people put on their Myspace accounts. One more thing I want to add, it takes forever to load to your homepage when you log in.

After dealing with all the nonsense with Myspace, I decided to give Facebook a try because a friend of mines created an account and it seemed a lot tamer. The cool thing about Facebook is it's much easier to find people because they use a first and last name username unless you have a different alias name. You can create events, write notes and write on people's wall with ease. Facebook added a system where you can post where you are going (places) and with whom (facebook friends).

The cons would be Facebook changes their format more frequently which can be annoying especially if you've gotten used to the standard structure. It seems like a lot of people are airing out their dirty laundry on Facebook. Their drama with their baby's mom/dad, drama with their boyfriend/girlfriend, how much they hate their boss etc. even all that being said, I'm on Facebook a lot more than Myspace because it's cleaner/less lewd, easier to use and I can connect with people more.

What's your preference? Myspace or Facebook?


  1. you know what i don't know who is better because i don't have one lol stay blessed

  2. lol Oh I know you don't know which one is better. By you not having one you can still see what's the pros and cons of each one. Stay blessed!

  3. Well I would prefer facebook mainly because I can control whose on my page and who I add as a friend. I have a facebook and I enjoy the site because I found alot of my old friends. I also have a myspace but don't really use it anymore mainly because it wasnt easy to find my friends on there

    1. I agree! Facebook has a lot of options for privacy settings for control. I like the fact that you can easily search for first and last names. Myspace gotten too boring and is not user-friendly.