Friday, June 1, 2012

Delicious Delights

One of my guilty pleasures in life is awesome tea and pastries to go with. I love love love tea and have a sweet tooth to match. There's this cafe place called Julius Meinl in Chicago that have a variety of coffees, teas, pastries, and sandwiches. Julius is a Vienna cafe that serves breakfast, brunch and desserts.

There are a lot selections of teas like black, green, white, mate, rooibos, herbal and fruit tea infusion teas. My favorite tea so far is the rooibos Caramel that had caramel pieces in it. As far as desserts, my absolute favorite is the Opera which has espresso-drenched almond cake, espresso buttercream, chocolate ganache and a symbol of a music note next to it is the icing on the cake. Nom Nom Nom!!!

There are others like the Black Forest which has kirsch mousse, chocolate cake, brandied cherries, chocolate mousse. The Apfelstrudel that had apples, golden raisins, cinnamon, baked in a flaky pastry is also good. All in all this place is awesome and a must try if you are in the area or are in town for a visit.

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