Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Do you TEXT or talk on the PHONE more?

This is the old age question because technology has changed so much for people to communicate to each other more efficiently. Remember the payphones and pagers? they were the one stop technology to communicate with people. To use the payphone you'll have to have change (.25 cents) to make a call. I've never had a pager before but you'll get paged with a message to call the person back whether through a payphone, a landline phone or a bulky cell phone.

This topic came about when the news recently discussed how people text a lot more than using the phone nowadays. When text messaging came around I wasn't too knowledgeable about it at the time. So when my friends had text messaging they always want to text me but since I didn't have it because lack of knowledge I always use the cell to talk to them.

After learning that text messaging has become more popular over the years, I've decided to get a text message package on m cell phone. I began texting little by little, I STILL would rather call my friends and family than texting because I'm old fashion and rather have a interpersonal conversation, but sending a text once in a while is helpful especially when someone is at work or at an event and can't be disturb by chattiness on the phone. Some people that is starting out in the text message world may not get the short abbreviation meanings like (lol) laugh out loud, (omg) oh my gosh or whatever "G" word in replacement; (smh) shaking my head, (pm) personal message, (ttyl) talk to you later and the list goes on.

Let me know your thoughts on text messaging versus phone conversation.


  1. just call me because half the time they cannot spill see what I mean I meant to spell, spell

    1. Yeah I know what you mean, I was fortunate to be able to understand most of the spelling/abbreviations lingo with text. I rather call or talk in person because it's interactive.