Monday, June 25, 2012

Matcha Green Tea Frozen Yogurt Review

Saturday I went to a local mall after the movies just to window shop, well actually go for some Caribou Coffee until I stumble across a Yogen Fruz shop on the second level. And everyone that knows me know that I LOVE frozen yogurt because it's healthy and I'm somewhat of a health nut. There were a lot of selections to choose from but I decided to get the matcha green tea because I happen to like green tea drinks.

I'm not sure how many toppings you get but apparently certain flavors come with certain toppings to compliment the taste. After suggestions from the cashier, mines would taste better with Mochi bits, which is a Japanese rice cake. The taste was slightly odd, it didn't remind me of matcha but it reminded me of a milder, earthy flavor of imitation green tea. It almost had a salty taste to it, thank goodness the mochi helped a lot to sweeten the flavor. If I were to go back I'll have to stick with my usual chocolate frozen yogurt.


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