Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Illinois Cigarette Tax Increase

Illinois decided to pass a bill to add an additional $1 tax on the sale of cigarettes on Sunday.

I'm not a smoker nor do I want to start, I can't stand cigarettes or any sorts of smokes. Since cigarettes going to cost people an additional dollar, will that deter people from buying cigarettes? probably not due to the fact that it's hard to quit smoking and I don't think the price gauge will stop them from buying it either.

The original tax on cigarettes was $0.98 now it'll be $1.98, of course this angered a lot of smokers, they might have to travel long distances for cheaper smokes, who knows. But living in this fantastic city *sarcasm* I wouldn't be surprise if they increase taxes on toilet paper.


  1. Yeah me too, that stuff is nasty. It's not worth getting cancer or heart disease.

  2. This is J.T. and I say the tax is just a way to rip us off for more money. I'm quitting soon anyhow.

  3. Hi J.T., I agree with what you are saying, Illinois is broke and is seeking ways to raise prices on everything. That's great you are quitting, it's not healthy to smoke anyway.