Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Taking Risks

"Taking risks is not taking the safe route, but it's taking the one less traveled one."

Not the best quote but you get the logistics. Have I been taking risks lately? to be honest, Not really! not like I should. I've been coasting or going with the flow of things. I will say this, I've took risks with relationships and those failed miserably, but those risks wasn't good enough. I consider those everyday life experiences that happens to everyone in their lifetime.

Obviously, we take some risks everyday like crossing the street or driving a car, but what about taking risks with job opportunities or making that move to another state? I have some friends and family that made those moves to move out of state and took job opportunities of a lifetime and never looked back since.

I've been wanting to move out of state for a few years now but a lot things are in my way and need to be taken care of first. It cost money to move, to find a place and not to mention SAVE, let alone finding security in employment. Others took those risks and made it without any regrets, that will be me soon.