Monday, July 9, 2012

Savages Review

I seen this movie over the weekend because it seemed crazy and I like shoot 'em films with action.

The stars to name a few are; Taylor Kitsch (Chon) an ex Navy Seal, Aaron Johnson (Ben) a Buddhist, Blake Lively (Ophelia) the love interest to Chon and Ben, John Travolta (Dennis) a DEA agent, Benicio Del Toro (Lado) a brutal enforcer to Alena and Salma Hayek (Alena) a Mexican Baja Cartel boss.

The movie is about two entrepreneurs Ben and Chon running a lucrative, homegrown business selling the best marijuana out there. According to them this stuff was the best thing since slice bread. All residing in Laguna Beach, CA. Ben and Chon share, and I mean SHARE Ophelia as a threesome bunch. I'm sure a lot of women would find O a slut and some may find the sharing envious; I think it's nasty and weird.

Everything was all good with the threesome until the Mexican Baja Cartel demanded that they partner with them. And of course, Ben (Johnson) and Chon (Kitsch) declined and all hell broke lose. The mercenaries kidnapped O (Lively) to demand a partnership forcing the entrepreneurs to take matters in their own hands by contacting a reluctant DEA agent (Travolta) to take down the cartel.

The movie had action, violence, blood and drug use but I found the movie a little bit boring at times. I thought Benicio Del Toro's character did a good job playing a slow minded, crazy bad guy. I'll give this movie 2 stars.



  1. It was cool but not quite as good as I expected. Also it seemed to drag at times. J.T.

    1. Yeah it was interesting and drag here and there. The movie have potential.