Thursday, July 19, 2012

Don't flick your cigarettes out the car

It was brought to my attention that it is illegal to flick cigarettes out of your car.

Again, I'm not a smoker so this doesn't apply to me but I know people who smoke that could use some info on this. Indiana State police will fine you up to $10, 000 if you flick a burning cigarette out of you car. This is precautionary to prevent fires and littering. The reasoning of this fine is supposedly someone threw a cigarette out their window and caused a field fire and on an interstate, since there was a drought in the past few weeks made the fire ignite much quicker.

A few years ago a friend of mine told me she was sitting on the passenger side of her car one day, she wasn't driving at the time and someone in the car in front of her flicked a burning cigarette out the window and it happened to bounce from the ground and into her lap, mind you her window was down at the time. I can't remember if she got a little burned or not but it can be dangerous especially if you are on the highway; driving 60 mph and flicking a cig can bounce pretty high up.

I just think that smokers need to be more considerate when it comes to smoking around children, the elderly and now throwing cigarettes out of windows. It's already bad enough to breathe that stuff anyway let alone hoping not to get hit with one in your own car. This fine should also take effect in Illinois too because people throw them out all the time. That's why the manufacturer build cars with ashtrays.

So smokers if you don't want to get slap with a $10, 000 fine in Indiana don't flick your cigs out your windows, it's not worth it.


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