Thursday, July 12, 2012

Great Surprise

I've got the best news ever so far this week. I went to an job interview two weeks ago for a Financial Aid position, this position involves assisting students in getting student loans and the likes. There is a lot of customer service and multitasking skills required, so I knew this would be a fit for me because I have several years of experience. The day of the interview started out as a group interview, four people including me, then we were interviewed individually.

I thought the interview went pretty well except for uncommon surprised behavior questions that I wasn't prepared for. I did stumble on some of the questions that was asked of me because I had to think of incidents in the past that I wasn't prepared to answer. To sum it up, I took too long to answer some of the questions. I found out Monday I didn't get the job, so automatic I was very upset because I really wanted that position.

The staffing agency that got me the interview two weeks ago had another opportunity for me, there was an interview Wednesday which was yesterday with the same company but corporate office and similar position but more analytical and internal. This time it was with a group interview of six people, no individual interview just a group interview. So I did some research of the corporate company and the position, I practiced my introduction and possible questions they may ask and the ones they asked me before. Also questions I have to ask them like the position, company, how they became employee there etc.

Long story short, the interview went extremely well and they said they are going to make a decision either the same day or the next. This morning I got the call as I predicted because I tend to over-think anyway. The agency said they want to give me the position and the start date is Monday. I was so excited and very happy in getting hired. Not only was the position perfect for me but also the pay is what I've been asking for, for a very long time. I was given a second chance in getting the interviewing process right and getting my foot in the door.

All of my hard work payed off and it was definitely a great surprise.


  1. Congratulations! I knew you had it this time and I'm so happy for you. You are talented, intelligent, and ambitious so you will be great. J.T.

    1. Thank you so much J.T., I appreciate all your kind words even though I sometimes second guess myself.