Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Colorado Shooting Update

As the days go by I learn more about what may happen at the movie theater and about the shooter that caused a massacre Good Morning America.

We all can say he has a mental problem because there is no way someone can just go into a place, in this case a movie theater and start shooting innocent people. James Holmes dropped out of a neuroscience program, he calls himself "The Joker", unemployed, has an arsenal of weapons and his apartment was rigged with explosive devices. Allegedly he was on medication before the theater rampage took place. Also I heard that a person that sat in the front row answered a text or took a phone call and walked out the exit door to answer or check it, which is strange to take a call out the exit door versus normally taking it into the hallway outside the auditorium. After minutes of that strange individual leaving out the exit door to check their phone, the shooter came in from the exit door shooting.

I found an article saying on June 7, 2012 he purchased a rifle after failing an oral exam that day. The therapist on the article was saying his already underlying mental illness was triggered by the stress from failing and that could cause a dormant schizophrenia, which I predicted anyway just by the actions he took. This loose canon can take it out on people because he was stressed? guess what? stress is a common thing in today's busy world, that doesn't mean to take it out on innocent people by killing and injuring people because you are stressed. PERIOD!!!

So does that means that every time he is stressed out or failed at something he buys more weapons? in my opinion it seems like he can't handle stress very well. Also the guns he was using in the theater required some expertise training and practice. In numerous sources said he was put in a separate cell by himself (solitary confinement) either because the inmates were plotting to kill James Holmes or because he is just a mental ill person with screws loose I'm not sure.

Like I said before I hope they give him life or the death penalty (execution). Those 12 people he killed didn't deserve to die and those 59 people that he injured didn't deserve to get injured.


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