Thursday, August 23, 2012

Texting Extremist

Lately I've been getting bombarded with text messages from my friends. Mainly about everyday things or how you doing kind of things. I have no problem with getting those types of text messages from time to time, not every single day or multiple messages of the same subject. If you are going to ask me those type of questions in much detail, I rather talk to you on the phone instead. I don't want to type up my entire life story in a text message, let alone you get a certain amount of characters per text message.

It just takes too long to type, abbreviate, and to explain in detail without taking too long to respond to the question. Plus my friends have the unlimited text messaging package which I can't afford, even if I had the funds to get it I wouldn't because it'll give my friends the excuse to text me more without even calling me once in awhile. I only text when I need to and when there is no way I can make a phone call. Sometimes we need that interpersonal conversation because it's personable, besides we are not robots. I don't even remember how some of my friends sound like, it's been a long time since I heard their voices.

What are your thoughts on text messaging too much?

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