Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sometimes Love is NEVER Enough

I need to vent right now, usually I don't vent on the internet, which is the worse thing ever but because there is no one I can vent to right now so why not do it here right? I want to be heard. This is all for the women because I'm speaking on their behalf... Girl Power!!! so this might be a little offensive to men. So don't read if you don't want to hear me complaining about you men.

I'm only speaking on my own experiences, opinions and my own observations so lately men have been getting on my last nerves and I'm a little unhappy at the moment. I feel like you guys lack communication skills and comprehension when it comes to relationships. Y'all tend to tune us out or have selective hearing when we are talking to you. This also happens when you are watching TV, it's like we don't exist. They say men are simple and we are complicated, I really really really think you guys are NOT simple if that's the case y'all wouldn't be single. You want us to be pretty, shut the F up most of the time, not have emotions or opinions, cook, clean, and give it up daily. Pretty much just cater to you 24/7 without talking, just like a robot.

Women should be able to express how they feel about something without getting a smart ass remark from men like, is it the end of the world? why are you dwelling on this? it's not a big deal, you are overreacting or you are so emotional. I want to be able to ask questions without getting the attitude or getting snapped on. What happen to feeling you are the center of their universe? feeling number 1 in their life or when they are anxious to see you or hear your voice before they go to bed or get up in the morning. I miss having that in my life, it's a great feeling when someone makes you feel like a queen. If you really love someone you'll do EVERYTHING in your power to make them happy. I know for a fact that a lot of men don't do nothing to make their partners happy, it's either they are completely lazy, selfish, inexperience in relationships, clueless or just don't give a crap. Like I said, they expect us to be pretty, have no emotions, cook and clean and give it up on a daily basis.

I want to feel understood, I want to be heard, I want someone to appreciate me and I want to feel important in their life. Maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic or too much of a good person. I think it's completely BS when I hear that if a man treats his mother with the up most respect then he'll treat his woman the same, not true at all. And why that exes treat you so awful in the relationship and when you leave them they apologize and want you back? and promise to change. First of all, why treat me like crap in the first place, and second, why are you realizing now, after the fact!!! I'm out of your life you decide that you want to change for the better to get me back?

Relationships are hard work and if that person is worth everything you'll work hard to keep them. Relationships are like buildings, you have to have the foundation to build a good structure so it can be strong, without it the building will fall.

Image: Getty "A retro comic style illustration of a couple kissing" by Joe McDermott

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