Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bamboo Spoon Yogurt Review

I stumbled across this place when I was on lunch break with a co-worker about two weeks ago. We were eating at a restaurant a few doors down from Bamboo Spoon. As we were leaving the restaurant I notice there was a yogurt shop in the same shopping center. Everybody should know by now that I'm a huge fan of frozen yogurt. I love to try different frozen yogurt shops and usually stick with those if I like them a lot. I told myself "one of these days I'm going to try out this place."

The cool thing about this place is the fact that it's not too far from where I work, and the hours I work I can fit in time to go before I start my shift. On a Thursday, I decided I'm going to check out this place. I go inside and I was like, "WOW" the decor is nicely decorative, more like environmentally friendly and it was clean too. This is a self-serve yogurt shop which I like, I was given a sample cup to try some flavors before I buy. I sampled Chocolate Nut, Snicker Doodle, and Sugar Cookie; all three flavors were to die for. The flavors are flesh and flavorful without leaving that aftertaste. There were more but I was on time restraints as I had to be at work real soon.

All in all, I ended up mixing Creamy Chocolate and Sugar Cookie. They have a lot of toppings to choose from, I think they may have more toppings than Pinkberry. I got strawberries, pineapples, granola, Andes candies which made me have stars in my eyes, I LOVE Andes mints especially in my frozen yogurt. And at the last minute I couldn't believe my eyes, I saw that they have NERDS candy. NERDS candy!!! I LOVE nerds candy too... I'll have to definitely try that next time.

This frozen yogurt shop is a must try, I'm going to add this place on my favorite frozen yogurt shop list. I have a few favorites and this one is one of them, I'll be back Bamboo Spoon.


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