Monday, September 3, 2012

The Possession Review

This movie kind of sparked my interest when I first saw the trailer for it a while ago. I thought maybe I can build the courage to go see it. Til this day I'm still scared of "The Exorcist" the original one with Linda Blair. I saw that movie when I was a kid and it still creeps me out, I think by far the most scariest movie EVER. Back to "The Possession" it's about a haunted box believe to have demonic spirit from the Jewish folklore trapped in it and if anyone gain possession of it causes bad misfortune and torment. This was based off of a true story that took place in 2004 when someone purchased this box on eBay. But in the movie the father and his two daughters (Clyde) Jeffrey Dean Morgan, (Hannah) Madison Davenport and (Em) Natasha Calis went to a yard sale and purchased a mysterious box, not knowing it had a malicious spirit trying to get out.

Em somehow managed to get the box opened and all types of stuff broke lose. The ex-wife of Clyde (Sephanie) played by Kira Sedgwick was racing to save their daughter's life and put the evil spirit back into the box. The movie had some slight funny parts to give it some depth instead of overwhelming the movie with creepiness. But it wasn't scary enough for me or had that scary factor to make me want to go to sleep with the lights on. I will say the creepy part about the movie was this was based off a true story and the fact that things like creepy boxes do exist and was purchased on eBay. You can look up the complete story for yourself but I think I'm going to stay away from that one. Even the picture I posted here kind of creeps me out a little.



  1. I can honestly say that The Possession made my hair stand up a few times. I think the part that made me cringe the most was the moths all over as well as the hand coming from the guy’s mouth. I saw it with a couple of Dish coworkers, and from the jumping they did, I’d say it was pretty scary. I would like to see the movie again in the future; however I am more than okay with waiting for it to come out on DVD first. I’ve added it to my Blockbuster @Home queue, so as soon as it does on out on Blu-Ray it’ll be mailed to my house. Though I won’t be spending time at yard sales any time soon, I will have time to look into other scary movies like Sinister.

    1. There was some scary parts in the movie, the movie was watchable indeed but maybe I wanted it to be more scarier. The hand coming out of the guy's mouth was creepy, even the old lady's face when it was droopy kind of weird me out. I'm waiting for Sinister too Damon :)