Monday, September 10, 2012

Is Honesty The Best Policy?

I had a interesting conversation with one of my good friends; the topic of discussion was, if you are dating someone or considering dating someone that you are interested in, when is the time to be completely honest about already having a kid? or if you had a kid and you was dating someone would you tell them you have a kid or keep quiet until that person gets too involve with you? I personally want the person that I'm dating to tell me they have a child. That gives me the option or choice to decide if I want to continue to date the guy and the fact that he has a kid/s or just not continue to see the guy. At least give me the option to stay or go, don't wait until we are involve and BAM!!! I get hit with the "Oh by the way, I have a kid" I rather for someone to be completely honest about something so important as of having a child in their life.

From previous experiences, I was fortunately enough to know in the very beginning that the guy have a kid or kids, more than one experience. In the past, I chose to stay because I knew what I was getting myself into. But in my friend's defense, the person he knows had a reason as to why she didn't bring it up in the beginning, but I just think it's best to let that person know in the beginning you have a child. What are your thoughts, is honesty the best policy when it comes to revealing you have a child?

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