Monday, October 22, 2012

Sinister Review

I seen this movie over the weekend with my boyfriend and what can I say about this movie? well, this movie is about a true crime author (Ellison Oswalt) played by Ethan Hawke who wanted to write a best-selling book but came across some footage that was left in a house him and his family moved in to. The footage had 5 different family murders on them. Ethan Hawke's character is trying to write his book based off of these heinous crimes. As he watches each footage there is this creepy character that's in the background staring back. One of the murdered families was hung in the backyard of Ethan Hawke's new house. By watching each footage he opens a gateway for this supernatural entity to enter his home.

I couldn't really fully watch the movie myself only because there was a group of loud mouths in the theater, well one loud mouth guy mainly kept talking throughout the movie. Most of us was shhhing and telling that person to shut up, I remember one person kept saying "Shut the 'F' up". It was bad to the point where 3 people left. A patron that works at the theater came in and told the guy to be quiet or leave the theater, he was somewhat trying to argue with the patron but eventually shut up.

I thought this movie wasn't scary at all, even with the creepy character being in the background most of the time. I would say that the character was real ugly though, no mouth, black eyes and didn't speak at all. The scare factor didn't do it for me, I guess nothing scares me anymore as far as movies go. They really tried to make this movie scary with the background music and lighting. The music was kind of weird and fast. Would I see this movie again? probably not!


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